Shipping and return policies for Doom Metal Front

Shipping Info
Printed DMFs: ship worldwide in DIN C4 envelope, DOWNLOAD CODE for free MP3-compilation inside the paper/brochure

Digital/PDF editions: immediate download of PDF document & free MP3-compilation after payment is done

Versandkosten/shipping prices:

DMF #10: 6,50€ plus Versand/shipping
Deutschland: 2,-€, EU/World: 3,50€

DMF #9: 5,50€ plus Versand/shipping
Deutschland: 2,-€, EU/World: 3,50€

DMF #9 & #10 Double-Doom-
Package: 10,-€
plus Versand/shipping
Deutschland: 3,50€, EU/World: 7,-€

For questions concerning the shipping prices send an email to

Bei Bezahlung per Überweisung Bestellungen mit Lieferadresse an schicken!

For payment via bank tranfer send your orders plus shipping address to

Händlerpreise bitte erfragen!
Ask for trade prices!
Return Policy
If you don't like Doom burn your DMF issue & delete all received files from your harddiscs, sticks or whatever!


Dear front-liners,

I was told that some have problems with unzipping download folders at our page.

To solve the problem just rename the destination folder when asked by your unzip tool/programm resp. give it a short name and proceed. Both the MP3's and the PDF's should now unpack and work properly.

Sorry again for this, we learn and evolve!

Let us know, if there are any further problems or what you dislike, or maybe like about the DMF release(s)!

Doom Over The World,
Sven Mihlan/Executive ed.
Doom Metal Front